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The truth is: Life is too short to put up with bullshit.


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I’ve been to about 7 different job interviews in the past two weeks. My iphone calendar is full of those little grey dots on just about every day. I’m job hunting, highly caffeinated and ready to bring home the bacon.

I used to be a special ed assistant in a school district. I was for 3 years until the crushing weight of public education bureaucracy stifled me. I’ve mentioned in other posts about what the last 8 months of my life has been like. Its been like running a marathon on 3 saltines and a shot of Jack… for 8 months. They say that when you go though adversity, you grow. “Post Traumatic Growth” comes up when I google anxiety and cancer. Now, I’m not sure if what I went through was actually trauma, but it sure was a bitch. I’m not quite out of the woods yet, and with anxiety who am I kidding, I’m always lingering in the brush. But new beginnings are starting to come to light, showing me a brighter future than my shadowy mind likes to imagine.

During the past 8 months, a truth was slowly revealed to me. That truth comes from not knowing if you are safe. It comes from being told you are inadequate while inside you are just trying to keep it together. It comes from being called into your boss’ office every week and being told that they “don’t like your attitude” when every day you consider not taking Lorazapam a victory but then taking it anyway. This truth is found when your face is mashed in the dirt and you don’t know which way to turn when you get up to dust yourself off. The truth is: Life is too short to put up with bullshit.

In the spirit of a punk rocker, and quite possibly the naivety of a fuzzy orange kitten, I am saying a big FUCK YOU 9-5 normalcy. Do what makes your heart sing otherwise you will feel your soul shrinking into a tiny depressing raisin of lost opportunity doing anything else. My husband has a decent job- enough to cover any gaps during this uncertain transition. I’ve decided I’d rather focus solely on my art and writing and keep a part time job in between these creative endeavors. I’d rather have 3 part time jobs instead of one full time job that thinks they own me and tries to make me into one of their little puppets. I’m a hustler now, a player, finding cash wherever it comes; a nomadic entrepreneur of sorts. And I’m ready to eat the world alive.

I read this really on point article from Pikaland that discussed the need for artists to have other jobs and dabble in many fields. Come to find out, this lifestyle of having many side hustles is kind of a cliché one that I am happy to come across and happy to live with. At the moment this is the list that makes up my paycheck:

  • Making art- in any form eventually to sell or get into a gallery.
  • Babysitting.
  • Respite work.
  • House cleaning.
  • Pet sitting.
  • Freelance writing.
  • Blog writing (although this has not yielded a paycheck yet it has potential).
  • Barista in a local boutique cafe.
  • Ebay sales.

I’d like to add much more to the list and be so busy that I’m running a ton of my own mini business ventures. Having a typical 9-5  job taught me a lot about myself. It taught me that I crave variety and I work best when I’m doing things to advance my art and creativity.

If you are an artist of any sort I urge you to get out there and pursue many different sources of income. Not only will you be separating your proverbial eggs into many baskets, but the variety will provide motivation and creative inspiration.


Author: myrandomcat

Dani is a freelance blogger and writer. She is also a fine artist that paints and illustrates. Her favorite mediums are oil paint and colored pencils. She lives in Contoocook, NH with her punk rock husband, bad ass mom, and two adorable rescue dogs that she frequently refers to as her "fur children". You can view her portfolio at

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